Summer School on Cyber-Physical Systems

EIT ICT Labs and PERSYVAL-Lab are organizing the first edition of the CPS Summer School. The CPS Summer School will explore the manifold relationship between networked embedded systems and humans as their creators, users, and subjects. The format of the Summer School will be a five days meeting, organized around different aspects of rigorous engineering of Cyber Physical Systems.



8th of July


9th of July



10th of July



11th of July



12th of July

J-C. Bajard

M. Törngren

O. Sokolsky

T. Watteyne

M. Broy

E. Prouff

P. Marwedel

J. Troccaz

T. Watteyne

K. Larsen

J. Francq

D. Lesens

D. Peled

O. Coutelou

A. David

Gilles Barthe

Yassine Lakhnech