NTP - time synchronization service

MI2S UMS time synchronization service.


4 stratum 2 servers are available :

  • ntp.imag.fr
  • ntp2.imag.fr
  • ntp3.imag.fr
  • ntp4.imag.fr


ntp4.imag.fr should be used within the imag internal networks, it is reserved for that use.


ntp.imag.fr, referenced on the CRU website, is open worldwide.

If you wish to use this service on a regular basis it would be a good idea to send us an e-mail (ntp-adm (at) imag.fr) so that we can add you to our (very low traffic) NTP list. This allows us to inform you in the unlikely case the service should undergo a modification or an outage.


The service is also avalable on ipv6 : ntp-ipv6.imag.fr.



We wish to thank our synchronization partners :